We process transformers with great care and in accordance with applicable environmental regulations. Hals Metal Recycling is a dependable business partner in this field. We process transformers in accordance with every legal requirement. We do our utmost to protect the environment.

Recycling transformers

We process transformers – whether they contain oil or not. We process transformers and break them down into multiple fractions, either at our Hals facility or at your premises. We take immense pride in working efficiently and we take every precaution to protect people and the environment.

If you wish to dispose of end-of-life transformers, choose us as your business partner. You will also benefit from our all-round service solutions that include:

  • Certified oil disposal
  • Handling and shipping
  • Dismantling
  • Certified disposal of residual materials

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Our products


We process all types of transformers using environmentally approved equipment.

Ground and marine cables

We process cables containing lead, oil, bitumen and other hazardous substances.


We melt lead from various products, e.g. waste cables with lead sheets.


We process all types of compressors using environmentally approved equipment.