Business partners

RIMECO Aktieselskab

In September 2021, Rimeco A/S acquired activities in Hals and established Hals Metal Recycling.

Rimeco A/S is the sole shareholder.

Following comprehensive reorganisation and refurbishment of the indoors and outdoors facilities at Hals, the company is now in a position to process complex, potentially hazardous fractions from Denmark and Scandinavia.

Rimeco was founded in 1888. CEO Klaus Peter Riggelsen is the fifth generation of his family to own the company. Rimeco is based in Aabenraa in Denmark where its activities include copper cable recovery and sorting into special fractions.

Hals Fjernvarme a.m.b.a.

Melting iron in a furnace produces a great deal of surplus heat. Some of this surplus heat is incorporated into a circular production system that includes combustion and post-combustion processes. Residual surplus heat is transferred to Hals District Heating to heat households in the town.